Unfortunately, like many iconic brands, our designs are targeted by criminals who are producing and selling counterfeit products intended to deceive consumers and profit from our success. Several reports have highlighted that the major profits that can be made from selling counterfeit products are used to fund terrorism and organised crime. Furthermore, there is often a terrible human cost as counterfeiting is often associated with child labor and modern slavery.

In order to fight this illegal trade in counterfeit products and protect consumers, we have established a dedicated Brand Protection Team consisting of lawyers, investigators and anti-counterfeiting specialists who are responsible for combatting the production, supply and sale of counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger products worldwide. Our team works closely with customs and law enforcement agencies to disrupt and eliminate the sale of counterfeit products both online and in markets in over 100 countries.


On a daily basis our Brand Protection Team is reporting websites, sponsored links, social media posts and online marketplace accounts that are offering counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger products. We recognize it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit product. Therefore, we recommend to always be cautious of buying any Tommy Hilfiger product that are offered with substantial discounts and avoid any products claiming to be factory seconds or overruns.

Based on our experience we have identified several characteristics of websites that are offering counterfeit product or will fail to deliver the product you ordered:

A. The website will often show little or no contact information such as company names, street or email addresses and telephone numbers.

B. The website will not protect your personal data and credit card information and the website address (URL) may not feature HTTPS:// or show a small padlock symbol before the address.

C. The website will sometimes mirror the official Tommy Hilfiger website even though the domain name may not relate to the brand. Tommy Hilfiger only operates its official e-commerce website via

Please note that purchasing products from unauthorized retailers is always at your own risk. You will find genuine Tommy Hilfiger product at, Tommy Hilfiger stores or authorized Tommy Hilfiger retailers.


I am suspicious of a shop or an online webshop

If you find a shop or online retailer that you suspect may be offering counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger products, please contact us via our customer service channels and provide details of the shop name and street address or website URL. This will help us to follow up and take appropriate enforcement action accordingly.

I have bought a Tommy product and I have doubts that it is genuine

If you have concerns about the authenticity of a new product that you have recently purchased, please contact us via our customer service channels and provide as many details as you can (at least five images of the item you purchased including labels and swing tags, the name and location of the seller and/or the website URL).

We are not able to review enquiries in relation to the purchase of pre-owned or vintage Tommy Hilfiger products.

We thank you for your vigilance and assistance in protecting the Tommy Hilfiger brands.